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The 11 to 16 Study was a school-based study of health and health behaviours which followed a cohort living in a predominantly urban area in and around Glasgow City.  They were recruited in 1994 during their final year of (mainstream) primary school (Scottish Primary 7) at the age of 11 and followed through the transition to secondary school until the end of statutory education (Scottish Secondary 4 - S4) at age 15 in 1999, with one intermediate contact in Secondary 2 (S2, aged 13).

The 16+ Study was an extension to 11 to 16 which took place over 2002-4.  The cohort (aged 18-20) had all left school and 16+ aimed to extend the longitudinal design by following them up into the post-school period, thereby building on the wealth of data already collected during earlier phases of 11 to 16.  In 2006, the cohort (aged 22) completed a brief postal questionnaire.