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11 to 16 and 16+ Data sharing
The MRC Social & Public Health Sciences Unit is committed to maximizing the use of publicly-funded data to advance knowledge about how to improve human health and we welcome proposals for collaborative projects and data sharing.  We have developed a data sharing policy for all Unit studies which aims to balance making our data as widely and freely available as possible whilst also safeguarding the privacy of participants, protecting confidential data, and maintaining the reputation of the study.

All information collected as part of 11 to 16 and 16+, whether held on paper copy or electronic files, is anonymised (that is, identified only by an ID number). Only authorised members of the survey team have access to the list of names and addresses.  Researchers from outside the Unit may apply for permission to access specified sections of the data for particular analysis, in collaboration with one or more members of the study team.  Collaborators must sign an agreement to abide by MRC principles of good research practice, and will only be given access to anonymous sections of the data relevant to the proposed analysis.  Any publications arising from such analysis have to be cleared by the Directors of both the study and of the Unit.


All 11 to 16 and 16+ questionnaires and interview schedules are available here.

For further information on 11 to 16 and 16+ data sharing, please contact Helen Sweeting.