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11 to 16 and 16+ Staff

Patrick West BSc Phd (Retired)
Helen Sweeting MA MPhil PhD

Research Support
Robert Young BSc PgDip

Survey Manager
Catherine Ferrell MA DMS

Survey Support Officer
Elaine Hindle HNC

Steering Group Members (past and present)
Dr. Joanne Barton
Mrs. Lynette Carey
Dr. Fred Cartmell
Dr. Candace Currie
Mr. Geoff Der
Ms. Catherine Ferrell
Professor Andy Furlong
Mr. Tony Glendinning
Professor Gerard Hastings
Dr. Marion Henderson
Professor Malcolm Hill
Professor. Kate Hunt
Ms. Anne Marie Mackintosh
Professor Sally Macintyre
Ms. Philippa Madge
Dr. Steve Pavis
Dr. David Stone
Dr. Norma Spiers
Dr. Helen Sweeting
Dr. Carol Tannahill
Dr. Michael Van Beinum
Professor Lawrence Weaver
Dr. Patrick West
Dr. Daniel Wight
Dr. Rob Wrate
Mr. Robert Young